Acne Studios Morning Gabardine Dress - £363   Charlie May Leather Foil Jacket - £625
Blake LDN Foxborough Sweater - £120   Topshop Unique Pool Sliders - £55
Etre Cecile Bad Ass Paris - £70   V Simplicity Tier Ring - £75
Merchant Archive Leather Tote Bag - £430   Moxham Otto Silver - £62

Black Lace & Secrets

There is a new lady in town this season. She is steeped in mystery, whispers follow her wherever she goes. She is the femme fatale of Marios Schwab 's new collection and if you are not careful she might just break your heart.

Do you still lust after the floaty, free flowing clothes of a few seasons ago? Well it 's time to move on, and fast. Heels, pencil skirts, corseting, fashion is getting serious. Marios Schwab is leading the charge of ladylike glamour and his new Autumn/Winter 12 collection will definitely leave you wanting more.

Since launching his London-based label in 2005, Schwab has been carving out a reputation for innovation alongside a dedication to craftsmanship and technical construction. The garments are created to fit like a second skin and have iridescent accents that are so light it becomes hard to distinguish between skin and cloth. His unique understanding of the human body is reflected in his designs, which hug, skim and tweak the body into womanly perfection.

There is no place for straight lines in this collection; ladylike curves complement the shape of the clothes. The Mad Men aesthetic which has been wiggling its way to the forefront of fashion for the past few seasons really comes into its own here as the collection plays a delectable game of peek-a-boo with the onlooker. Hats partly conceal the models faces as they strut their way down the catwalk and you are left wondering if you were watching them, or if they were watching you.

A dark atmosphere, like a storm brewing, gives an air of gothic moodiness to the collection without even a whiff of teenage angst. The colour palette enhances this with sheer blacks, deep burgundy, emerald green and muted beige. This lady is no Stepford Wife, prim and proper is cast aside in favour of lace, which is evident throughout the collection, revealing and concealing in equal measure, never giving away too much.

The Lady in Marios Schwab story knows that her clothes are both armour and weapon and she 's damn well going to use them.

Words by Samantha Vandersteen
Images by Laura Shehata
14:25 - 22/07/12