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Keeping it in the Family

It's hard to put a label on Sibling's new collection, though colourful and crazy might be a good start. Knitwear on acid might be another. The cult menswear label has been making knitwear cool again for the last few seasons, but don't feel left out ladies, as you can get your hands on their womenswear range, Sister by Sibling, now into its second collection.

There is a distinct sense of irony to the collection, which takes pleasure in selecting British classics and turning them on their head, such as the Dalston Fox Stole with a knitted head and Fair Isle knits in vivid colours with skulls worked into the weave. Prison tattoos might not be the first thing you'd think of as inspiration for a fashion collection but they work surprisingly well in contrast with the glittery yarns, heavy knits and flamboyant colours.

The faces behind Sibling are design trio Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery who each earned their dues at a number of design houses before coming together to make Sibling and rock the world of knitwear. The new collection doesn't take itself too seriously and there is a real sense of fun which shines through like a cheeky glint in the eye. Anyone with a sense of humour will fall in love with this collection, which includes beanies with oversized pom poms and skulls emblazoned onto jumpers with Mickey Mouse ears, each piece makes you smile with its own quirky sense of fun!

Sibling give their collections life by envisaging fictional characters that the collection embodies; the Marked Man for the menswear and Diamond Lil, the love blind matriarch, for the womenswear which conjures up thoughts of dark London pubs and the EastEnders theme tune. You can easily picture Diamond Lil in the leopard print twin set or the Paris Print Fluff dress in hot pink, which is a stand out piece and sure to be gracing a few fashionistas come autumn.

There are huge similarities between the menswear and the womenswear collection, so much so that for many pieces it would be hard to place which collection they came from. This kind of androgyny dressing is blazing the trail as the fashion lines between the sexes begin to blur. So if you and your boyfriend do end up in the same outfit, make sure it's Sibling.

Words by Samantha Vandersteen
Images by Laura Shehata
23:32 - 10/07/12