Acne Studios Morning Gabardine Dress - £363   Charlie May Leather Foil Jacket - £625
Blake LDN Foxborough Sweater - £120   Topshop Unique Pool Sliders - £55
Etre Cecile Bad Ass Paris - £70   V Simplicity Tier Ring - £75
Merchant Archive Leather Tote Bag - £430   Moxham Otto Silver - £62

No Shades of Gray

If you are a fan of the prim, proper and pastel look that's been wafting around for the last season, it's probably best to look away now. Louise Gray's Autumn Winter 2012 collection is an unashamed riot of colour and texture. The graphic patterns which dominate the clothes create a visual explosion that will leave the advocates of pretty pastels and flirty florals caught in the debris.

The models, with their elaborate headdresses, strutted like peacocks down the runway at London Fashion Week as a colour palette of reds, blues, greens and yellows burst from the clothes. Happiness and fun is woven into this latest collection from the designer who is sponsored by Cotton USA and received the Fashion Forward sponsorship from the British Fashion Council. Louise is working her way up through the fashion ranks and with a collection this full of fun, you'll certainly want an invite to the party when she gets to the top.

As the designer herself puts it "the collection is about everything, all the time". Embellished tights, electric colours and clashing prints bring a carnival feel to the collection, while the structured dresses and jackets layered over shirts makes you think of an office worker gone slightly mad. Don't be put off by the intensity of the collection, for if you take each piece individually you will find deliciously wearable separates that can be complemented or clashed in a host of different looks.

At the core of all Louise's collections is the detail which has been honed over the last five seasons to create a signature look based around simple shapes that let the craftsmanship in the embellishments and the sheer sense of fun shine through. No doubt the Scottish designer has had her share of grey days but if you are lucky enough to snare yourself a piece of this vibrant collection we challenge you to feel grumpy wearing Louise Gray.

Words by Samantha Vandersteen
Images by Laura Shehata
10:41 - 27/06/12