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We Heart La Sera aka Katy Goodman

Katy Goodman is a woman who appears to always have some project on the go. Hailing from New Jersey, she has been a part of the girl band Vivian Girls for about five years. Within Vivian Girls, Katy primarily assisted the song writing process, normally headed up by Cassie of Vivian Girls. Two years ago, without expecting it to really be released, Katy took to writing her own songs. Subsequently, she released a self-titled record as solo act La Sera. Now, with a second album under her belt, Katy is touring Europe. I had the pleasure of meeting her prior to her show in Copenhagen and talk about the internet, cereal romance and what it is to be effortlessly stylish.

We sit down over a drink and chat about how we are perceived online; "I always forget that I have an internet presence, I don't really know what my internet presence is," Katy's way of maintaining her positive internet presence are to avoid first world problems on twitter and not to complain. "This isn't a real problem." This translates as all I ever see on Katy's twitter and tumblr are lolcat references and people in bands having a good time. Goodman is an avid tweeter and Instagram user. More to the point of being good at the internet, Katy is Instagram friends with teenage blogger Tavi Gevinson. She recently had the chance to explain lolcats to someone. "I had a very unique experience when I had to explain the concept of a lolcat. It felt like the first time I played the Ramones to my non-punk friend for the first time."

In between writing and touring, it seems like Katy is consistently busy. She told me that she is working on a possible column at the moment. "It's fun trying to come up with a writing persona." With her writing she is trying to "write from the perspective of an imaginary persona." While Hipsterunoff isn't the most inspirational of people, he has created a whole culture and language, which is something Katy wants to try to get to with her writing. Maybe her dating advice for Cap'n Crunch will really take off for cereal daters. Not only does she write, she is also a computer programmer.

When I asked about the new record, she felt it was easier than the first as she knew what she wanted. "I didn't self-edit enough with the first record, I didn't realise when I was writing them that they would ever be anywhere." She jokes about the third La Sera album being a concept album based on the Cap'n Crunch romance as she's recently been tweeting with the American cereal Cap'n Crunch. "Maybe I'll call it Captain Crunch and the Crunchberries." Perhaps the next record with be full of shanty cereal love songs.

She appears consistently laid-back and relaxed. She describes her life in LA as just hanging out with friends. "LA is great, but it all depends on the people you are with." I approached the idea of being a style icon within the indie world and was surprised to hear that Katy doesn't care about fashion at all. While Vivian Girls have worked with Kate Spade, she really isn't that interested in her clothes. Her wardrobe is jeans and t shirts, "Just get a load of tattoos, they are the easiest way to accessorise." I take that advice on board.

Once the interview was over, I cycled to meet a friend and fell spectacularly, hitting the pavement. On reflection, I talked too much and I will never be as cool as Katy Goodman.

Katy Goodman is currently touring promoting La Sera's new album titled, "Sees The Light ", out now on Hardly Art.

Fiona O'Grady
16:23 - 26/06/12