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Reece Jones: "Control Test"

Charcoal is a medium that's rarely seen or published in the contemporary art arena, or maybe we just haven't been looking hard enough? Either way, British artist Reece Jones comes as a breath of fresh air as he creates large scale charcoal drawings. These aren't your average sketches though, as when we first saw the works, we thought they were prints! Reece has painstakingly developed a system of application and erasure, by building upon layer on layer of the black pigments, only to systematically erode them using sand paper. Dealing with the nature of surface he works on, tonality and description created by this aggressive art form, he repeats this process until a 'resolution'.

"For want of a better description I am engaged in making process drawings that develop over time. I am effectively pushing dust around and desperately trying to retain these pure spaces in the midst of all this activity. I love it when the drawing starts to take a different path from the one I had intended. It's to do with impermanence and fragility and my own personal struggle with that."
-Reece Jones

Elements of the current exhibition were first shown at the Triumph Gallery in Moscow in 2010:

The exhibition titled "Control Test" is the first solo show for the Botswana-born and London-based artist, presented at All Visual Arts, a 5000 square foot warehouse in Kings Cross. All Visual Arts is a hybrid arts enterprise founded by art guru Joe La Placa and Mike Platt in October 2008. Since then, they've built up a splendid CV of fantastic exhibitions and representing the likes of Alastair Mackie, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz, Charles Matton, Kate MccGwire and of course Reece Jones.

"Control Test" by Reece Jones is open at All Visual Arts from 23 March till 21 April 2012.
All Visual Arts
2 Omega Place
Kings Cross
N1 9DR

Louisa Lau
16:41 - 23/03/12