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Ill Studio Puts Teh Internetz In Real Life

Where would we be with the World-Wide-Web eh? Forget the logistical advances and unlimited resources for a second and think about the use of language, (or lack of in the case of MSN / LOL-speak), the disjointed aesthetic fuelled by pointless yet viral memes, animated GIFs, YouTube celebrities and forums like 4chan. It's a world so far removed from reality and often out of context, but has somehow become second nature to 15-30 years olds as if it's general knowledge, and what's more creepy is that these 'internet-visuals' are yet to be documented/commented on IRL (that's In Real Life).

Until now, courtesy of Ill Studio, a multidisciplinary platform based in Paris, founded in 2007. The studio/agency produces some awesome art-direction, graphic design, photography, typography, video for both personal or commissioned works. Their latest show at Hoxton's KK Outlet, 72 Dots Per Inch displays what a visually arresting effect the internet can have on a group of graphic designers. This new series of original work includes intoxicating collages based on opposing cultural ties, as well as a series of photographs, replicating images taken from the internet in the 'real world'.

The highlight of the show has to be a video entitled Graphics Interchange Formats (or GIF), which is one big animated gif, stemming from and referencing the amateurism of the YouTube culture.

The exhibition also features a few copies of an Ill Studio publication, Moodcyclopedia, an encyclopaedic book of the studio's references which has gone on to inspire 72 Dots Per Inch.

This exhibition is a must for anyone with a vague interest in Internet memes, and the original 90s web design, although you'll be glad to hear there's no clip art or Comic Sans to found. We reckon it's appropriate to say 72 Dots Per Inch is ultimate win-rar.

We thought we'd also enlighten you with the beginnings on the internet, and how it was portrayed on TV advertising in the 70s and 80s.

72 Dots Per Inch is open at KK Outletuntil 31 March. Admission is Free.
42 Hoxton Square
N1 6PB

Louisa Lau
14:29 - 19/03/12