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Andaz Hotel x Eyal Burstein's Advent Table

The festive season maybe over but we're still in awe of this unique collaboration between lifestyle hotel, Andaz Liverpool Street with Beta Tank designer, Eyal Burstein creating a table inspired by a traditional Christmas Advent calendar.

"I wanted to capture the reality of Christmas, a supposedly kitsch time of year. Of course I find it to be a happy family experience but at some point, everyone ends up fighting anyway. I guess it reflects my semi-dysfunctional family!"

The table is made up of 'sinking' tea cups, bowls and tea-set porcelain china which Eyal has trawled endless flea markets/charity shops London for. Each piece of china has been individually moulded in a large octagonal hand-made resin table which was originally sold to Eyal by the marine boat service.

"All items are second hand, there's no record of where any of the crockery comes from."

The result is a one-off piece of design that reminds us of what Christmas is all about; generosity, warmth and unity. Creating a welcoming area in the hotel lobby, as part of the series of Andaz Salons, the table serves as a relatively unusual object for the hotel's guests and local community.

Andaz Salon is neat little concept launched by the Andaz brand offering the rare opportunity for its guests to 'meet and greet' local creatives such as Eyal, and be exposed to works of art/design. Hotel commissions creative, creative meets new fan and gains public presence, average joe discovers creative. Everyone wins and what's not to love about that?

Personally we'd like to have one of Eyal's Advent Tables in our living rooms, although we're not sure he has any intention of mass producing such a bespoke object any time soon. Here's to hoping!

Louisa Lau
21:03 - 04/01/12