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London Fashion Week: Jayne Pierson

Whilst fashion weeks are mostly dominated by the catwalk shows, on and off schedule, we took a break from the seat squabbles and paparazzi to see Jayne Pierson's film presentation on Saturday, the second day of London Fashion Week.

This season sees the fashion designer work with Welsh heritage woollen mill, Melin Tregwynt where she created a bespoke, luxurious woven wool. Her A/W 2012 collection, Modrun, is inspired by organic shapes created with perfect symmetry and balance, which has been translated into a film (see below), directed by Donald Christie.

We spoke to Jayne at the film presentation to find out more her latest collection.

What was the starting point for Modrun?

For it's about a character within a story which evolves every season as opposed to seasonal trends. The character is called Modrun and she travels through time and space, whilst evolving. Sequences of events are displaced, the past is the future and future is the past. This idea conveys, evolves and develops her relationship with nature. She travels with a shaman, mysticism and talismans to protect her.

How to did this concept come about?

It's really hard to say, she's in my head all the time. She's kind of a muse in a way, as she develops, she embodies many people, she's many facets of one person which is why she's so inspiring.

Can you tell me about the fabrications you've used?

(Looks at black leather coat) We've used oilskins, poly-coated linens and hand pleated leathers, which slowly developed this kaleidoscope of movement within the leather. The back pleating there has a Japanese sort of aesthetic.

We've worked with a 100 year old fabric mill in Wales called Melin Tregwynt, who we've worked with to create a bespoke fabric. It's important to us that the craftsmanship, attention to detail, the quality of the make, is of a high standard and made in Wales. In terms of manufacturing, that's really important to us.

Did you design the print too?

This is a traditional heirloom, a Welsh textile that we developed with different colours throughout it, wearing it in different ways and different cuts, so you're creating an original silhouette with an authentic textile.

Watch Jayne Pierson's Modrun fashion film:

Thank you to Jayne Pierson for taking the time to speak to us.

Louisa Lau
11:36 - 28/02/12