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Tomokazu Matsuyama Snow Globes

The Shop at The Standard Hotel, New York presents an exclusive limited-edition series by Tomokazu Matsuyama aka "Matsu". The former snow boarder, now New York based artist has produced a unique edition of 30, 8 inch tall glass and wood snow globes, handmade in various colours with acrylics submerged in water. Each is numbered and signed by the artist on the globe base.

Tomokazu's work is steeped in Japanese iconography, both ancient and contemporary but also very American; cowboys, bucking broncos, cowboys and indians. His bicultural upbringing of being born in Japan, later immigrating to the United States, reflects the East vs West style and subject matter of his works. Tomokazu embraces and updates the shifting, transformative aspect of the creature through his kaleidoscopic abstractions, simple figures and faux naive compositions.

Tomokazu Matsuyama was born 1976 in Tokyo, Japan, and currently lives and works in New York City. He Has exhibited works in galleries, institutions, and artfairs such as San Fransisco Musuem of Modern Art, Portsmouth Museum of Arts, Tufts University Museum, Frey Norris Gallery, Mizuma Art Gallery, Joshua Liner Gallery, Haunch of Venison Gallery, Takuro Someya Contemporary Art and among many other. He will be having his first museum solo exhibition at Katzen Art Center, in Washington DC, this coming April of 2012.

Snow Globes by Tomokazu Matsuyama from The Standard Hotel on Vimeo.

The snow globes are $350 each and are available to purchase at The Standard New York or online.

Louisa Lau
19:54 - 24/02/12