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Interview: Moxham

Unless you've been hiding under some proverbial fashion rock, you would have seen at least one of MOXHAM's signature accessories in the shopping pages of Grazia, Metro, You, and various style blogs. But it was Madeleine (or Maddy as she prefers) Moxham's interview on jewellery blog In Detail that really caught our attention to the young designer. Maddy sources the materials then hand-makes every piece herself, creating a collection of 'wearable constructions'. Wearable they might be but surely they must turn a few heads in the street, which is no bad thing. However there's something very empowering and warrior-esque just at the mere thought of wearing a industrial thick leather and brass necklace. The ANUBIS necklace in particular spans across the chest making it almost a like a body piece, but not quite making it to the THOTH/REGIUS level of a harness.

We spoke to Maddy about the importance of branding for her label and where she sees MOXHAM in 10 years time.

Tell me a little bit about your background

I studied and worked in Fashion design and then subsequently decided to do an MA in Decorative Arts, it was during this time that I really began to shape the identity of MOXHAM, develop the identity and design the product.

As a design graduate, I really appreciate the art direction and branding of your label, especially when so many young designers see it as an after thought. Did working at a branding agency help you know instinctively what the Moxham brand would look like?

Absolutely but I also think doing the MA encouraged me to think about working collaboratively so I was keen to approach design agencies whose work I had seen and loved and ask whether they would be keen to start developing the visual idenitity of the brand. Swapping ideas, moodboards and logo ideas allowed me to think about exactly how I wanted to visualise the ethos of MOXHAM and how I wanted to communicate with the target customer. Currently offering jewellery, I will be introducing a selection of over-sized clutch and day bags for Spring/Summer and then intend to launch a collection of womenswear in the future. I am inspired by other brands with international, utilitarian aesthetics such as A.P.C, Acne and skincare brand Aesop.

Moxham's collections are predominantly leather, brass and triangular forms, are there plans to experiment with other materials/shapes?

I love the qualities of leather but expect something a little lighter for summer. I love repetition so working with the triangles and playing around with creating unusual motifs allowed me to create a spectrum of pieces from the wearable items such as the AMULET pendant & TABA cuff to the more statement pieces such as the ANUBIS.

You mentioned on In Detail that you want to do lots of collaborations, who would be in your dream team?

Rodarte, I admire how they combine unusual materials, silhouettes and prints and somehow make it work! They are also always re-inventing their signature style which I think is imperative.

Do you ever think about doing womenswear again?

My aim is for MOXHAM to create bi-annual collections of jewellery, accessories and apparel that compliment each other- I also can't resist the temptation of designing all the clothes I try so hard to get my hands on and can never find! For me simple silhouettes & block colours, whether clashing or complementary, are key and a perfect base for statement jewellery or accessories.

Aside from collaborations where would you see your brand in 5 or 10 years time?

I hope that MOXHAM will be a brand not just a designer.

MOXHAM is launching LFW exclusives online at Bengt and in-store and online at Kabiri
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Louisa Lau
16:18 - 09/02/12