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Piers Secunda presents: 'Immortal Nature'

Following his well received show at the Aubin Gallery, Piers Secunda presents apocalyptic painting in a group exhibition exploring the prophesised end of the world in 2012, curated Gordan Cheung. Aptly titled Immortal Nature, the show is split across Edel Assanti's three floors, featuring multi disciplinary work that investigates the notion of the Underworld, Earth and the Afterlife. The body of work deals with the tensions, conflicts and hopes surrounding civilisation's ever-changing relationship with the natural world.

Piers Secunda's solid slabs of paint replicate the moment soldiers of the army of the People's Republic of China were shot. Piers even ventured into a Chinese military base himself, risking his life to capture the moment when a People's Liberation Army bullet connects with its target.

"Capturing Chinese Army Bullet Holes was a way to trap geo-political texture in the work, like an insect in amber."
-Piers Secunda

In addition, Piers is presenting an object as a painting: an intricate 16 layer paint reproduction of a traditional Chinese ivory-carved puzzle ball, constructed from 16 independently moving spheres within spheres. An indigenous Chinese craft, Piers mimics the a human made puzzle from industrial floor paint. The Chinese Puzzle Ball questions identity, social activity and an essence of humanity in an increasingly globalised world.

Piers Secunda is open at the Edel Assanti Gallery till 3 March 2012
Edel Assanti Gallery
276 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Opening Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 - 18:00
Free Admission

Louisa Lau
12:18 - 28/01/12