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New and Improved: Bus-Tops

Bus-Tops is a new digital public art project inviting local communities, the general public and nine artists to transform mundane bus journeys into a visual feast. From January through to September 2012, twenty London boroughs will display a number of interactive, screen-based installations on bus shelter roofs, forming a constantly digital canvas for travellers on London's double-decker buses.

A collaboration between Art Public's Alfie Bennen and Paula Le Dieu and a team of creative techies, the Bus-Tops project is one of 12 commissions across the UK forming part of Artists Taking The Lead, a programme funded by Arts Council England for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Alfie and Paula talk about Bus-Tops' aims:

"Bus-Tops aims to challenge conventions in public art by inviting the public to create and curate art that speaks for and of them. We hope that, by putting the discourse back into public hands, we can delight, provoke and inspire bus travellers as they gaze out their top deck windows. With 30 screens across London showing new art from established artists and the public alike, we hope that this project fosters new conversations around the role of the public in art and the power of new technologies to bridge gaps between the public and artistic expression."

Bus-Tops will feature month long residencies and new works from leading contemporary artists:
Carla Arocha, Stephane Schraenen, Jemima Brown, Hasmina Cibic, Michelle Deignan, Kate David, Ian Monrow, Conrad Ventur, Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich.

And to kick-start the initiative, Turner Prize-nominated artist Mark Titchner will be calling out for submissions of digital arts, drawings, photographs, poems and words through the Bus-Tops site. His project for Bus-Tops, '31 Day Programme' is an evolving series of messages and motivation challenges. Daily changing animations invite the viewer to reflect on their aspirations and potential, dreamed in the language of advertising and motivational books.

Mark says:

"Throughout our daily lives, we constantly absorb images and texts that generate desire or ambition; that tell us that we can be more than we are. This project is an attempt to present this phenomenon in its most blunt form as a series of inspirational, though potentially unobtainable, commands: a disembodied voice that is both nurturing and humbling.
The Bus-Tops project continues my interest in placing works in the public realm, particularly the transitional space provided by the city?s travel network."

See Bus-Tops in action in these videos:

To find out more about the nine month long project or to discover your nearest Bus-Top shelter, click here.

Louisa Lau
16/01/12 - 14:38