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Crane.tv Curates: One Room, Three Global Names

For the first time, digital video magazine Crane.tv will exhibit a selection of their much-loved artists and designers alongside intimate video profiles at The Front Room, St Martins Lane Hotel. A unique evolving exhibition, the Crane.tv: One Room, Three Global Names series starts with Sir Terence Conran, famed for changing the face of home furnishings in the form of Habitat, is showcasing a mini version of his epic retrospective at London's Design Museum. To further the collaborative process, Crane.tv has invited new designer Hye-Yeon Park to exhibit her In-Betweening Clock, a never-ending animation of numbers morphing in sequence. It's a piece that has been bought by Design Museum's permanent collection and sits seamlessly (as if it was your standard living room clock) with Terence Conran's product and furniture exhibits.

This week, sees artist Kate MccGwire, (a long-time favourite of ours) present a never-seen-before cabinet of curiosities of objects, which she has collected over the years that continue to inspire her work. Considering she painstakingly archives and sorts millions of bird feathers for her intoxicating sculptures/installations, this is a chance for any MccGwire fan to see what she actually collects, consciously or not.

Closing the exhibition is digital artist and founder of 'Universal Everything's Matt Pyke who will exhibit digital wonders like ultraviolet trees grown out of mathematical formulas and 3D-printed figures born from code. For Crane.tv's Editor, Trisha Andres, it was important to keep an open creative debate by letting the exhibiting artists choose what to show, giving them free reign to select their own favourites and letting fans and viewers into their 'world'. As well as presenting these three talented and exciting creatives, Crane.tv will also be hosting a number of music performances, artist talks, knitting classes and jewellery making. See below for the full programme of events.

We speak to Kate MccGwire, Matt Pyke and Trisha Andres about this unique collaboration.

Kate MccGwire

How did the collaboration with Crane.tv begin?

I first encountered Crane.tv in 2009 when they were filming a group show I was in called The Age of the Marvelous. This encounter then led to a request for a film based in my studio, a barge on the River Thames. Having Crane.tv film in the studio was the beginning of revealing my collection; I found the video to be particularly sensitive and beautifully filmed, it was the first time my world had been revealed and it encouraged me to explore the significance of my influences alongside the finished work. When I was then approached to partake in One Room, Three Global Names I was excited to explore a further display element to our collaboration.

Tell us about the cabinet of curiosities you're exhibiting and why you have chosen them?

My intention is to create a personal cabinet of curiosities, a mixture of old and new things I have collected over the years: from an antique vibrator to my father's 5 artificial hipbones, and from my grandfathers WW1 tank mask to expertly made, but brutal looking, obstetrical instruments - these objects have been of enormous influence. I am intrigued by how beautifully they are crafted, their intricacy and the power of their meaning. Objects worlds apart in function are united in the exquisiteness if their fabrication and placed together in a unified collection.

How does it feel to take part in an exhibition with two completely different creatives?

I like to think that my work provokes a visceral reaction in the viewer that is not necessarily informed by a prior knowledge of art history. I view the chance of showing along side designers and makers from different fields as an intriguing cross-pollination.

Matt Pyke

How did the collaboration with Crane.tv begin?

We first met in Paris, April 2011 during the opening of our first big exhibition Matt Pyke & Friends - Super-Computer-Romantics at a digital art venue called La Gaite Lyrique. I did a video interview with Crane.tv, and was very happy with how that turned out.

Tell us about the works you're exhibiting and why you have chosen them?

We've made a new triptych rework of our super widescreen film Supreme Believers. It's a passionate struggle of contemporary dancers versus a hurricane. Below is a cabinet of 3D printed figures, grown from digital code - potentially infinite. Both pieces felt quiet and alive, calmness next to the noise outside.

How does it feel to take part in an exhibition with two completely different creatives?

I love being adjacent to them both, their work and legacies are very different to our own.

What exhibitions/projects are you working on at the moment?

We're working on a number of projects; a huge video wall film series in Seoul, an iPad interactive single for everyones favourite band, wine labels for Silicon/Napa valley and a semi-permanent digital installation for a new London museum in 2013.

Trisha Andres - Editor of Crane.tv

What made you decide to do the One Room, Three Global Names exhibition?

We wanted to bridge online and offline, showcasing a series of our intimate video profiles on our most loved artists and designers, alongside an exhibition of their work. We wanted to invite the public into the personal world of Crane.tv. Apart from a series of exhibitions, The Front Room will also serve as a platform for emerging talent to use the space as their live studio, which is in keeping with Crane.tv's ethos of featuring not just the established but also the emerging. We wanted to give our favourite artists a platform to showcase the 'stories' behind their work.

How did you go about selecting the three artists? Was it important for you to choose 3 names who's work differed from each other?

The subjects and people we cover are from a cross-section of different subjects in contemporary culture, from art to design to fashion. The reason why we have selected artists from different fields/specialisms and put them under one roof is to reflect that diversity.

Was it daunting giving the artists free reign to curate their exhibition? Was any guidance given by yourself or Catherine Borra and Shonagh Marshall?

Not at all. We thought the best way to do the exhibition was to give the artists and designers an open brief. We like to think we thoughtfully look into an artist or designer's work and the process and thinking behind it (rather than just looking at the finished product). This is why we have asked our favourite artists and designers to curate their own favourite work, and also tell the stories behind those works to enlighten the viewer, because in many ways, the process or journey of creating is equally important as the finished piece. It is an open brief, so it could be stories told through their favourite objects, or stories told through showcasing the materials they use for their work, but the important thing is that there is something being said and a story being told, much like how we like to tell stories online about people we admire.

Can you reveal some of the workshops and talks Crane.tv will be holding at The Front Room?

There will be gigs by bands like The Tricks and To Kill A King, live studios where artists will be knitting or creating jewellery and an experiential food experience - there's so much happening at the space!

Workshop Line Up

Jan 16th Kate MccGwire Exhibition 11am - 8pm
Jan 18th, 19th Knitwear by Victoria Hill 11am - 8pm
Jan 20th, 21st Rope Jewellery by Eleanor Bolton 11am - 8pm
Jan 23rd Matt Pyke Exhibition 11am - 8pm
Jan 25th, 26th Tasha Marks 11am - 8pm
Jan 26th Secret Event, Boiler Room 6.30pm
Jan 27th, 28th Digital art by Aaron Lamper 11am - 8pm
Jan 28th-31st Matt Pyke Exhibition 11am - 8pm

Crane.tv Curates: One Room, Three Global Names is open till January 31st 2012
The Front Room, St Martins Lane Hotel
45 St Martins Lane
Monday - Sunday 11am - 8pm - Free Admission

Louisa Lau
09:24 - 17/01/12