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Hannah Waldron: Texture and Pattern

Hannah Waldron spends much of her time based between London and Stockholm, where she has worked as an artist and designer with illustrious brands like the V&A and Paul Smith. Since 2010, Hannah has been teaching herself weaving, and her latest designs embody this focus on textiles. This fascination is directly transposed into her work with Japan / LA based design collective LINK, and this collaboration's output has raised our eyebrows both stylistically and for the references she puts into her design. LINK specialise in exclusive artist-designed furoshiki blankets, and her work is the latest in a series of limited-edition versions that look to blend western designers with traditional Japanese items. If you were asking what a furoshiki is, you're not alone. A furoshiki - literally meaning 'bath spread' - is a practical, multi-purpose Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used for pretty much anything from wrapping gifts to a baby sling. LINK go into a bit more detail on the uses for their furoshiki on their blog.

Hannah's furoshiki design for LINK is called MAZE, and takes in symbolic Japanese designs such as mountains and seascapes amongst detailed, playful geometric patterns. We think it's beautiful, and you can pick up one from her shop here. What's even better is that you get a couple of prints signed by the artist in the box. Double win.

Words by Oliver Spall
21:37 - 12/11/12