Acne Studios Morning Gabardine Dress - £363   Charlie May Leather Foil Jacket - £625
Blake LDN Foxborough Sweater - £120   Topshop Unique Pool Sliders - £55
Etre Cecile Bad Ass Paris - £70   V Simplicity Tier Ring - £75
Merchant Archive Leather Tote Bag - £430   Moxham Otto Silver - £62

Street Smarts

Vermin. Not a word with the most positive of connotations yet it is the name and inspiration for Antipodium's AW12 collection. Before you write off the collection, think less flea-ridden rat and more street savvy urban fox. Vermin is the collection of the outsider, the individual and the survivor.

The collection is inspired by the paradox of East London itself. The old mixed with the new, the smart with the casual and the beautiful with the tough. Pencil skirts are mixed with luxe baseball jackets to give a smart meets street combination that is working girl with an edge. The look is contemporary, modern London with a wisp of the eccentricity that we Brits do not seem able to escape.

Antipodium launched their debut collection at London Fashion Week 2006 with a capsule collection of design-led wardrobe staples that quickly became the uniform of the cool and quirky. Fast forward to 2012 and the fashion brand continues to delight with a wry humour, sharp wit and clothes that provide the backbone of the style savvy woman's wardrobe.

This autumn/winter, drawing from the foggy world of the outsider, Antipodium has created some truly stand out pieces. There is the Eastenders print dress, created in collaboration with print designer Chloe Constantindi, and smart, tapered trousers with go faster stripes in colour pop shades that tick all the fashion boxes for this season. Antipodium turns the notion of Vermin on its head by celebrating the darker side of London. Bomber jackets are created in high-gloss plastics and paper-thin leather is used on vests and skirts. The whole collection is a sensual combination of varied textures which ranges from luxurious furs to sheer blouses via wool boucle and silk georgette.

Sharp greens and blues are muted with camel, tobacco and lilac. Antipodium show that pastels aren't just for spring, with, arguably the most eye catching piece, a digital print dress in lilac and blue; the print itself is a digital scan of the outstretched wings of two London pigeons by new east London taxidermy artist and jeweller Reid Peppard, once again highlighting the underbelly of the London streets.

So perhaps it's time to look at vermin in another light. If Antipodium's latest collection were a girl, it would be a girl like London itself. She's seen war, riots, poverty and she has survived it all and not only that, she has done it in style.

Words by Samantha Vandersteen
Images by Laura Shehata
18:58 - 21/10/12